A Case Study of Air India - Maharajah Back to Home

Dr. A. B. Mishra

Ms. Ruchi Karjodkar

Associate Professor, International Institute of Management Studies, Pune

Student, International Institute of Management Studies, Pune

Abstract: Air India, the prestige of Tatas has the history dates to 1930s. The Air India was founded about 90 years ago as Tata Airlines and first ride was taken by the founder himself, J. R. D. Tata from Karachi to Bombay. The journey of Air India is an emotional rather than commercial. The Air India was nationalized by Government of India decades ago, but its progress under national entity is limited only for few decades. When the private carriers came into the field, and because of maintenance with respect to operations and human resource, the Air India was treated to be not only a company with loss, but also as a burdened national entity. In the process of disinvestment by Government of India, the Air India has arrived back at the Tata’s group. In this paper, a case study of Air India was presented covering all major milestones and inferences are presented.

Keywords: Air India, disinvestment, nationalization, re-privatization, Tata Group


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