For Authors

International Journal of Emerging Research in Engineering, Science, and Management receives original and genuine research articles through out the year and if accepted publishes the papers in 4 issues per year. 

Review Process

Initial Review

A preliminary editorial review by the editorial board will filter the papers which are out of scope of the Journal. The Journal expects research articles from a variety of Engineering, Science and Management Fields.
Anti-plagiarism Check

A thorough anti-plagiarism check will be carried out using renowned anti-plagiarism checkers like Turnitin. It is expected that the original content should be at least 80% excluding references. If the paper is rejected at this level, the plagiarism report will be sent to the author. As per the policy, plagiarism report will not be sent to the author, if the paper passed this stage.
Expert Review

This phase has two levels. The first one is with respect to the Grammatical errors and English language usage. The next level is with respect to the subject. The review is rigid but speedy. We strive to complete the review in not more than 10 days. The review is blind in nature.


Authors are requested to send their articles in Microsoft Word format to

Once it is accepted, the authors need to submit the paper in Journal’s format.