Operational Plan for All Academic and Institutional Libraries

*Jogen Sharma

Dayawanti Tarmali

*Junior Library Executive, Management Development Institute Murshidabad, West Bengal, India.

Executive, Management Development Institute Murshidabad, West Bengal, India.

Abstract: This article will help to understand the Operational Plan details related information and it will help people to make their knowledge grow. The Strategic Plan defines the idea and procedure of strategic planning and goes some way to explaining how it first appeared in the workplace in the 1960s before being adopted by library and information services in the 1970s with help from trade organizations and governmental organizations that supported the development of best practices. Will describe ground-breaking work on the subject, define basic planning stages, and list the advantages of strategic planning for libraries. With annotations, it enables us to understand scholarly works as well as read suggestions. The Annual Operational Plan of the Library of any educational institution corresponds to the current year. The strategic and operational objectives will be aimed at reinforcing the weak points and carrying out the necessary improvements to provide quality and excellent service. The Annual Operating Plan Development (AOPD) can carry out the following actions: take into account the strategic plan of the institute; select, analyze, and present proposals for actions for the current year, within the strategic lines; and general and operational objectives of the strategic plan. Institute offers excellent services that meet the needs of research and contribute to the dissemination of scientific production of the institute. People and organization: guarantee the professionalism of all library staff and propose an efficient training plan and permanent professional updating in an optimal working environment. The plan will be monitored by the Strategic Plan Group, which may propose the necessary adjustments.

Keywords: educational institution, library management system, operational objective, strategic plan.


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