A Study of Ancient Indian Astronomy through Architectural Marvels

Keerthi Krishnanath Prabhu Shirodkar

UG Scholar, PMCs, School of Sciences, Jain Deemed to be University. keerthip.shirodkar@gmail.com

Abstract: Ancient Indian astronomy has a rich legacy that spans millennia, encompassing intricate observations, advanced calculations, and skillful implementations. This review article explores the intersection of astronomy and architectural marvels in ancient India. By examining the architectural marvel, the profound astronomical knowledge embedded within its design and construction is inspected. The study aims to unveil the celestial alignments, geometric patterns, and symbolic representations reflecting the deep understanding of cosmic phenomena of ancient Indian astronomers and architects. With this review, through a comprehensive analysis of the temple’s architectural elements, it is expected to gain insights into the intricate methods employed by ancient Indians to encode astronomical principles into monumental structures and the cultural significance of these celestial pursuits.

Keywords: architecture, astronomy, equinox, Konark sun temple, Modhera sun temple, solstice.


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